What exactly is Event Consultancy?

Since we began life back in 2008, we have always worked in a consultant capacity to a selection of our clients and were not created as a pure event agency.  However, in recent years the word ‘event consultant’ is being used more and more, so we thought we would share with you what  ‘event consultancy’ means to us, and you, when you choose to engage us on a consultancy project.

Firstly, event consultancy is not and should not be confused with event direction or event management.  Of course, people can refer to working as a ‘consultant’ when they are offering advice and direction on events; from understanding client objectives and working with a client to understand the reasons for choosing a live event, ensuring it is the right marketing tool, through to advising on how best to construct and execute the event complete to delivery and accompanied with all the budgetary management and debrief needed.  However, (although those things just skim the service of what event management or direction is) these services should be what any good Event Director, Event Manager or Event Agency should be delivering as standard – it does not make you a consultant in the truest sense.

At KC Events, we have a team that predominately came from corporate backgrounds prior to starting in the event industry.  These roles were management positions in a front line sales environment, working for c-suite executives.  This means that we know what is important commercially and strategically for you and are extremely aware that events and marketing should work for your business in helping you achieve your commercial plan.

We have been hired by senior level clients to work on projects sat within their organisations to perform one or a combination of the below;

  • Design and implement an event and event marketing strategy for both internal and external requirements (as identified as part of the project) in line with mid-term business planning
  • Develop an annual program of events or combination of event marketing options (sponsorship, webinars, content marketing) in line with the event and business strategy set
  • Create and implement an international event strategy – tying up various international offices to understand and work with the same criteria as needed
  • Reduce current event costs or annual event marketing budgets (individual or annual program) and improve bottom line
  • Renegotiate current 3rd party supplier contracts as identified and needed to ensure best terms are available as well as ensuring SLA’s are being adhered too
  • Review internal and external policies and processes to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness. Streamline and implement any changes as highlighted and agreed by the client

Clients whom engaged us to provide cost saving services, saw their hard line budgets reduce by an average of 18.5%.  On re-negotiating contracts, one client saw an event budget for annual event management reduce by 40%.  In all cases the project fees to employ us were and are considerably lower than the money saved.

So there you have it – for us consultancy is far more business driven and working alongside our clients to produce tangible commercial results as opposed to delivering a great event.  Of course, we love events and yes we can deliver a great event, but in these cases we would just say we are a great events team, not consultants.

If you would like to discuss any of the above or how we may support you as you move into 2017 and ultimately a new budget year please email Kelly,


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