Las Vegas Incentive

Incentives & Rewards

  • Retail Bank

  • Las Vegas and Arizona

  • 150

Outline Brief

An annual incentive trip to reward 75 top performers and their partners.

Key Objectives

    • A destination that could offer experiences to excite and thank staff
    • A trip that would buy in loyalty to the brand
    • A trip that would build memories and excel other trips experience in the past


We created and presented an incentive trip to the client that was Las Vegas with a twist.  Enticing the audience nine months out from the trip to keep people’s eyes on the prize whilst keeping all details of the event details secret apart from the location – created a sense of anticipation and excitement among the high wealth director level population and became the talk of the sales teams up and down the UK.

The event programme was not to take in the typical Las Vegas style, instead, the programme was to be a high end experiencing of two types of desert environment.  The group stayed in luxury accommodation in both Las Vegas and Arizona spending two days in each with options for relaxation or high octane events – whichever suited each couple. From flying fighter jets in the desert to overnighting with the Havasupai people learning their culture really made this a trip tailored to each person – refreshing for an incentive trip!

For evening socials there was a mix of dining under the stars, dining at height and taking over that little speakeasy spot that is kept as a treasured favourite secret of ours…. A trip to be remembered!

The Result

The event communication in the lead up to the winners being announced received much attention and feedback which proved invaluable in adapting options in the run up to the event.  Sales figures went up and most targets exceeded, as people tried to secure a place on the trip.

Attendees were impressed with ‘Doing Vegas but not in the Vegas way’ and loved the experience of sampling both deserts with a luxurious but completely different feel.  People returned engaged with the brand, felt valued and above all – sharing the experience with a loved one showed just how appreciated they were by their employer. Now that is real engagement.