Annual Investor Meeting


  • Financial Firm

  • Chicago

  • 150

Outline Brief

This financial client, required event consultancy for management and direction of their Annual Investor Meeting taking place in Chicago.

Key Objectives

  • Manage a large external event agency providing them with creative direction
  • Align production and logistics of event to overall new theme of business strategy for 2014
  • Achieve a cost reduction of minimum $50,000 on overall spend


KC Events were hired on a consultancy basis to manage and direct a large external agency for the clients ‘Annual Investor Meeting’, taking place in the USA within nine months of hire, following departure of the Global Marketing Director.  Following fully detailed briefs with both the client and agency on where we were to date with the conference, we also reviewed and documented previous AIM’s, the aligned budgets and feedback to enable us to plan an event strategy, timeline and budget for 2014.

Attending meetings at the clients’ offices on a weekly basis and working as an extension of their communications team worked brilliantly in building relationships with the new incoming Global Director of Marketing and wider business.  At the heart of our delivery was to understand the business and new direction of the company to ensure all items of the event were on message and noting that to reduce budgets was firmly at the top of the agenda for this AIM.  In addition, the remit from the client was to make this event ‘less showy’ than in previous years and to manage the external agency on their creativity and production ensuring it provided value for money, whilst not being flashy. However, we wanted to creatively use the budget to add elements of slickness and high-end production in subtle ways and this was accomplished through seating hired, quirky dessert stations and use of venues in an unconventional way.

The Result

An overall cost saving of $70,000 was achieved and the client managed to re-draft contracts with the external agency for reduced services and costs for 2015 based on lessons learnt during 2014.  In addition the event was rated the best delivered and executed in 15 years – not a small feat!

KC Events created and managed an excellently organized, very efficient and well run Annual Investor Meeting. The creativity of ideas and knowledge of her industry by Kelly was extremely welcomed and her ability to manage all relationships diplomatically, whilst driving through a new way of working and reduce budgets in line with our new vision was greatly appreciated. We look forward to the suggestions for 2015!