Entrepreneurs Exhibition

Exhibitions & Launches

  • School For Creative Startups

  • Somerset House, London

  • 125 Exhibitors / 3000 guests

Outline Brief

School for Creative Startups, came to KC Events to project manage an exhibition of 100 creative entrepreneurs recently graduated from the course.  They wanted an event like nothing seen before in the UK and needless to say we embraced the challenge!  Our role was to provide consultancy and creative direction, plus help each individual graduate to realise their curation and production ideas.  In addition there were to be private satellite social events sponsored by corporate clients running alongside.  One event, many clients to satisfy!

Key Objectives

  • Deliver a highly creative and seamless operation which becomes a key annual UK business event
  • Guide and manage the wide mix of creative entrepreneurs and their individual expectations
  • Seamlessly co-ordinate the mix of central & satellite events and hold together under one umbrella theme
  • Manage down a restricted budget and get the best out of a highly prestigious yet challenging venue


Marrying creative demands with commercial restrictions and a hectic event schedule was going to take strong management skills.

We embarked on a 10-week journey of personalised creative direction to the 100 highly individual talents.  The group included designers, artists and culinary creators to name a few, all passionate about launching their product to thousand of guests including general public, potential investors and eager journalists.  The budget was set before KC Events came on board and our brief was to ‘reduce it as much as possible’, this became a key driving force in the implementation of ideas.  Without sacrificing quality we were able to deliver a £55,000 budget reduction for the client.  In addition, Kelly’s background working amongst bluechip companies, proved invaluable in managing the additional demands of the corporate partners and high-profile speakers at their discreet corporate satellite events.

The Result

The event, the first of its kind in the UK’s creative business calendar, was well received in both business and creative arenas and is now on it’s way to becoming an established annual event.  It goes without saying we’re very proud to have helped Medeia Cohan 
and her team get it off the ground.

Kelly is a brilliant, effective, diligent professional. Perhaps more important, her attitude of relaxed competence and friendly support made everyone – from hosts, to exhibitors, to guests – more effective. There are many people who purport to be able to
run a large or high profile event,
but few who do it well, and fewer
still that make the process pleasant.