Secret Supercar Experience

Incentives & Rewards

  • UK Bank

  • London - Wales

  • 24

Outline Brief

As part of a long term incentive scheme we already had a great track record of raising the bar with each event we organised for this prominent UK retail banking brand.  So the pressure was really on to beat everything that had gone before.  The guests were to be a select group of the company’s senior front line relationship managers.  Add to all this the crucial extra point that the client wanted the whole project to be a complete surprise – we had the perfect solution up our sleeves!

Key Objectives

  • To bring together a group of regionally based senior frontline relationship managers and provide them with an effective and unique shared bonding experience.
  • Create an event that would be totally new within the culture of the company and like nothing the guests had experienced before.
  • Keep the event a complete secret from the guests right up to the big day.


Our first thoughts were, why only ever race a super car around a track when for the same budget you can take to the open road and give the guests a much, much more dynamic and thrilling experience?  We quickly and efficiently put our plan into action – consisting of 24 drivers, 12 supercars, 2 hotels and 250 miles of open road!  The guests were given the absolute minimum information – a central London hotel address and a time be there.  As they began to arrive the excitement and intrigue was palpable, there was nothing in sight to offer even the slightest clue.  They were all like kids on Christmas morning – our plan was working perfectly. The guests were taken inside for breakfast. Immediately our well-timed plan swung into action.  With the guests safely out of the way 12 beautiful supercars were delivered to the grounds of the hotel. As the guests walked out after breakfast they were greeted by a genuine spectacle of petrol head heaven!

After the initial stunned silence all the guests were keen to have a go.  We randomly paired them up, to ensure effective mingling amongst the group, and then showed them to their very own fantastic high-performance car.  An end destination address and quick refreshments were provided and then keys handed over – it was playtime!  One rule – get to the evenings venue in one piece and on time!  Upon arrival in Wales in late afternoon, our guests were presented with the luxury of an exclusive use hotel for dinner and overnight stay.  Afternoon tea was postponed while the cars were taken for one last spin around the Brecon Beacons – a definite case of big children with big toys.

The Result

At the end of the day the cars rolled in one by one, the beaming faces and shared smiles of all participants was proof that this was a job well done.  Brief achieved, bar raised, relationships strengthened and high-speed memories made that will last a life time!

Kelly, a big thank you for wonderful organisation (as always) at the event last weekend and also for your company on the drive down. The event was a real jaw-dropper for everyone and the whole event was worth it just for the ‘kiddies at Christmas’ look on everyone’s face.