“Strategic, Efficient, Transparent”

We combine creative thinking with dependable corporate delivery that sets us apart and truly brings our clients vision to life.


Every event or experience should start with the business case and deliverable and an identification of where it aligns with the overall department or company strategy.

With our experience of working in-house for FTSE companies, delivering strategy at Board level, you can trust us when we talk about event strategy.  It is not marketing spin or a new use of a buzz word – it is what we have always done.


We are known for identifying and implementing streamlined processes and budgets both internally as a company and for our clients.  Whether a one off project or a review of your annual event calendar, we can help your events become more cost-effective without compromising the quality of your event.

We provide industry leading ‘Event Service Levels’.  This means our clients can see how we work and what support they need at first glance.


We pride ourselves on being transparent in all areas of our working practices.  Trust and longevity in all relationships is of the utmost importance in our role as event consultant.

Being transparent means we have no secrets on how we work with venues or suppliers on your behalf and how we earn money.  We have clear costs, invoicing and contracts and discuss all elements of the billing and contracting processes with you.  We work for you, the client, as part of your team.


Incentive Trips

Corporate Hospitality

Sales Conferences

Partner Retreats • Award Ceremonies • Gala Dinners

Annual Investor Meetings • Leadership Breaks • Strategy Meetings
Teambuilding • Spouse Programmes • Private Celebrations


Since 2008, KC Events has not only delivered event management and logistics for clients globally, but has also created and shaped event content in line with overall business objectives and messaging.

We have become well respected in the industry for our clear working practices, creative ideas and exceptional customer service.  We have a friendly, knowledgeable and talented team, as well as an extensive partner roster, who are dedicated to the highest quality event delivery possible.

“Our philosophy is that by combining fresh ideas with dependable corporate delivery, we can inspire and excite our clients by making the impossible, possible.”

Kelly Brown – Founder